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Website Design India is a fast growing quality solutions provider based in India. Whether you are looking for software development, e-commerce website design, web application, simple informative website with e-commerce and online payment integration – any E-commerce Website Development or  a simple e-commerce website application, we are here to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

E-commerce Website Development & Design

For this you need three main components at your site:

1. A Dynamically updateable website with a database and information pages. Even a static website will do and you can turn it into dynamic by buying our Content Management Module tairlor made to suit both Linux and Windows.

2. Shopping Cart- To enable the customer browse , choose the product, specify product specifications and quantity, and keep track of his shopping basket. It may include any custom made functionality for your store. We can develop shopping carts as per your requirement and budget. We also select the technology which fulfills not only your immediate needs but also has scope for future upgrades.

3. Payment Gateway Integration- You need some interface to collect the payments online through credit cards. There are so many credit card processing companies who provide interfaces to connect to their payment gateways so that you can accept secured credit card payment. We have expertise to connect your site to any available payment gateways. Clients can pay without leaving the site all on the same page. Those clients who have E-commerce Websites would actually understand the utility of paying from the page itself (XML technology) than sending to paymenat gateway to pay and bringing him back to the site. In our method it takes under a second to pay and automatically get the payment confirmed all under a minute and on the same page. However our interfacing standard is costlier than general integration (by posting from form) by 100 to 200 US$ depending upon the kind of checkout. Checkout can be stepped or at a time.

4. Security- You need some security mechanism not just for you but to inspire confidence in the customer that it is safe to provide his credit card information. All e-commerce sites use SSL (secured socket layers) for payment portion following Checkout. Shopping carts are not kept in SSL because the search engines can’t reach secured pages.

Various Indian E-commerce Web Developers mention that they will interface SSL to your shopping cart. this is just a vague term. SSL is configured on a folder by the hosting company or may be by your developer using the hosting control panel. For example you will see that you can reach Paypal by http://www.paypal.com and https://www.paypal.com. https is the secured protocol. Thus we can infer that http and https can be both configured simultaneously. It is how you call the page. Some clients wants the post login section in https which is justified. Search engines can not read session managed pages and all post login pages have session so spider can not read them. So it is better to use the secured protocol https than the general internet protocol. In reality SSL is configured on the root folder of the site. Its up to the developer to make the hyperlinks with either http or https.

Thus you can call any page of an e-commerce website using both http and https if you have it installed on the root folder exactly as Paypal has done. Thus both http://www.paypal.com and https://www.paypal.com does bring the same page. If you use https you go into the secured socket layer pipe. If not you stay on the general site. But whenever you are Signing In to paypal you will always find that the https protocol is coming post login. The developers credit is to just call the https://www.paypal.com/somepage.asp instead of http://www.paypal.com/somepage.asp. So an E-commerce Website Development Company claiming that his shopping cart is SSL enabled is just using a technical term as a means of marketing. The full site is SSL enabled and it is upto him where he uses which protocol. Strict common sense is what is needed. Put all secure and Post Login parts in SSL including Administration module. Rest is for the search engines to crawl so keep it with http: protocol.

Come to us when you are looking for cutting edge E-commerce Website Development & Design and at the same time willing to learn the basics of your business. You need not be an IT professional to understand our language. Pure, jargon free Indian English.

Contact us today for your e-Commerce website development or web site design project. Consultation by our e-com strategic consultants are FREE limited to a certain time scale within which the project is decided. Grab the Indian E-commerce Website Design & Development expertise at Website Design India and have a secured, user friendly, search engine optimized Shopping site or an E-commerce Shopping mall – all at affordable cost with ISO 9001 certified quality standards. We are not “cheap” but certainly affordable. E-commerce sites made by us are priced between 1500 to 5000 US$. Special cases apply. Prices mentioned in our website are tentative costs. The actual cost varies from project to project depending upon the estimated man-hrs multiplied by our operating cost of 15 US$ @hr. Try us in your next e-commerce website design and development project. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and Website design India is more interested in making long term business relationship with a few customers than having a huge list of customers who never returned after having done their first project. That’s the difference between WDI and other India E-commerce Website Design and Development firms.