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The Differences between Web Development and Web Designing

Some individuals often work as a web designer and web developer as sole proprietor of their company, whilst you get companies employing graphic designers, web designers, and web developers. A question, which is commonly asked, is what the difference is between these professions and where the job description starts and ends. A simple example is […]

Web Applications Explained

The Internet is the way of the future and over the last decade, any business should be online with a strong web presence if they want to have a future. It is the only effective way to exchange information, communicate, transact, and build brand presence. Data from website visitors must be processed, stored, captured, and […]

What a Great Content Management System Comprises Off

When people talk about Content Management Systems (CMS), they often refer to WordPress as the best, which is possibly the easiest and simplest to manage. However even though WordPress is one of the top and had been for many years there are equally great software on the market that are just as easy to manage […]